Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another day in Brooklyn

Tisha B'Av is approaching so I'm driving extremely defensively today. The last accident I had left an itch in my brain that I can't scratch. Because it's inside my brain. That's why.

So there I am in the city, completing something I set out to do earlier. As I leave the NYU building at Union Square, rain starts coming down. Okay, I thought. No need to panic. I'll find refuge in the subway. That's where I'm headed anyway.
I step out of the train in Brooklyn, I realize that it hadn't rained here yet. And then, to my misery, I look north, where the cell is rushing in from. GOD DAMMIT I thought. What the hell is this. I spent 40 minutes on the train, hoping to come out after the carnage. Oh no, not so easy now is it. I start running, because I had no time to change, and I wanted to get to my car. After running for 10 minutes, the rain never came. Oh well.

And, by the way, this weather is horrendous for July. I want my 95 degree humid summer days, so when chilly late September mornings come, I can actually appreciate it.
People reading this may think I am ranting and whining about the weather like many people do. I'm the exact opposite. But when something is just straight out not normal, I call it out. Even if it's nature. THIS WEATHER IS NOT NORMAL. I don't mind rain if it comes and then goes, but not like this.
Every day, I come home, and my jeans are sticking to my legs. For one, the heat made my lets sweat. The second problem is the humidity, which together with the sweat, Super Glues my jeans to my legs. These aren't very tight jeans either, mind you. Sweating like a mountain gorilla, I grope my way to the shower. What a feeling.